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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Abg's besday is on August but biasa la....hadiah mmg kena lambat sket...hehhe. At first Abg nye wishlist is PS3 but he changed his mind and wanna go for PS2 jek. Psl nya CD for PS3 still mahal lagik....Nak beli PSP tak leh share ngan kiddos plak...dia kan nak train anak2 nya so that nnt boleh fight ngan dia...hehe. So on Sunday after raya ari tu we went to Giant Taman Connaught. Abg dah call the owner of the shop before gi sana. Ok la better offer...bring the kiddos skali for them to choose their own games except Syamil coz dia dah tido...nnt karang kalau we all yang pilih tak kena taste plak. But for me, i jadi tukang bayo je la...let the boys done their parts.....Happy belated besday Abg and enjoy the games with the kiddos.

Tgh khusyuk dok pilih game mana yg nak dibeli...

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