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Final Tazkirah of the Year  

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yesterday is our family tazkirah day. It gonna be the final for this year as papa will leaving.. nak gi Mekah soon. As I mentioned in previous entry, the tazkirah buat kat our place as yg last time nye cancelled. But for this time my sister, Neni aka Andak cannot joined us as dia pun dah moved to SP to follow her hubby kat sana. So they will be back masa Papa nak pegi Mekah nnt, jimat cuti coz Daoz, her hubby nye cuti dah tak banyak. Nanti in January its her turn to deliver plak.

Back to the tazkirah, as usual we need to cook la for the guest. Apalagi Mama nak datang. Dia dah lama tak kuar. My open house and Kak Long nye open house pun dia tak pi coz ramai org so susah dia nak duk kan. We planned nak buat makan western plak. Nak cuba buat bakar2 with new oven. Hehe...called Kak Ain for the recipe. So the menu will be Kambing and Ayam bakar plus the black pepper sauce, nasi goreng cina, kentang bakar, sosej and fruit coctail for the dessert. At first nak buat coleslaw but tak jadi and changed to salad which include carrot, timun, udang rebus, tomato ngan daun salad. Sos nye plak mix of thousand island sauce, mayo and chili sauce. yummy yummy....

Dessert table...memacam jenis air, fruit cocktail and fruit puding yang kak long bawak
Nasi goreng yang dah licin.
Kambing and ayam bakar
Masing2 dah santai lepas kenyang makan...kenyang ke? Hopefully kenyang la suma yek
Papa keletihan...dok gitu pun boleh lena...lepas tazkirah and makan

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