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Friday, October 31, 2008

Last 2 weeks, just after raya we went to clinic for Puji nye yearly medical check up. Everything's fine then we proceed to do the x-ray kat Hospital Pantai Indah. After 3-4 days, Abg dpt call from clinic saying that there's a problem on Puji nye medical report. Ah sudah...apsal pulakkkk. Ponin makcik. Then after work di petang yang hujan tuh, I and Abg gi la jumpa Dr. She said that in her x-ray report, lung dia tak clear. Dr ask me to bring her for treatment. Mmg dia ada batuk sket but I tot tak la serious mana.

Malam tu gak we all bwk dia and baru la dia ckp pepagi mmg byk kahak. Hampeh tol la budak nih. Dah sound byk kali kalau sakit ke hapa bgtau awal2. So Dr treated her with antibiotics and all la. Dr said that after one week gi jumpa dia balik la for another check and kalau dh ok kena appeal to Fomema for another chance ala2 gitu la.

So Wed night, masa hantar Syamil gi clinic, skali ngan si Puji la. But Dr said that until that day Fomema takde contact dia. Usually kalau ada prob Fomema will contact respective Dr. So I balik umah check online dah status dia Unfit. Problem la plak.

Yesterday morning Dr asked us to call Fomema after she talked to them la. Ni kira mmg confirm kena buat appeal la if we still need Puji to work for us for another year. Minah Fomema yg I talked to tu cakap better gi opis diorg direct coz lagi cepat. So I and Abg took half day leave for that. Sib baik gak amik cuti coz ptg tu gak we bring Puji for another round of x-ray. Alhamdulillah kali ni lepas and terus we all larikkk ke Fomema office utk hantar segala bagai yg dia mintak. So we just wait for the result la. Hopefully everything ok and she can continue her permit to work here for another one year.

Morale of the story is kalau sakit bagitau la akuuuuuuu.....Ponin makcik. Mau terberanak but sib baik la tak. Cuma sakit yang tak konsisten jek. Cuak gak but hopefully sempat la attend Abbas nye Ikhtifal this Sunday.

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