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Monday, October 27, 2008

Abbas nye skolah will having their Ikhtifal or graduation day for 6 years students this coming Sunday ie. 2nd November. So each student especially yg 6 years will be involve in one of the activity. Abbas terpilih utk jadi Pengerusi for their pantun. This event will be combination of few their tadika and will be held kat Masjid Wilayah.

Last week cikgu dia dah start giving the teks for him utk lancarkan la...the teks is 3 pages nye teks even tulisannya besar but still banyak la for kid yg baya dia. But so far he's doing well. O la coz tak payah hafal. He can proof that dia lancar la baca teks tuh. Mama dia plak yang risau nnt atas stage dia camana...well, good luck son!! Hopefully Mama boleh ada kat sana...for baby, tunggu abang habis the show dulu ye...wait till the time, tak yah kuar awal sgt..hehe..muahhhsss

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