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Friday, October 10, 2008

Dah seminggu tak gi keje....busan pon ada coz tak leh nak buat apa. kena dok rest jek. kalau cuti blh gi shopping ke jln2 ke ok gak. tak pe la nak buat camana. ari tu gi buat CTG...i dunno that thing is stands for what but kena pakai ala2 belt and to see if there's any contraction ke tak. alhamdulillah all are working fine. takde contraction...maybe ari tu je but kalau byk2 bergerak mmg sakit la. so dr asked me to take rest. monday baru masuk keje. entries psl raya plak tak leh nk load gambo lagi. tension makcik....

semlm Abg went to TMPoint to register phone line and streamyx. hope the line is much2 better that this Izzi. and hopefully i can load all the pics easily.....caan't wait for it....

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