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Welcome Home Adib  

Monday, November 17, 2008

Today morning dlm kul 8.50 pagi nursery GIMC called. Nurse yg call tu bgtau adib dah boleh discharge. in one hour timeI and Abg went to hospital. One hour tu for them to settle suma billing thingy. So nurse tu explain la, blood test yg buat pg td dh much2 better than before. Dia nye graph dh mmg below the line la...dlm 140 points gitu...before this dlm 240points...i pon tak paham sgt but kalau tgk kat graph yg dia tunjuk tu paham la...

Anyway, welcome home Baby Adib...mlm ni jumpa abg2 ye...after abah balik opis....and before that Abg will do the tahnik(betul ke eja nih??)...yg we all blaja from Papa thru phone yesterday. Since today is 7th day, so buat gak today utk amik sunat...will post abt this tahnik in next entry.

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