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Under The Lights  

Sunday, November 16, 2008

This pics taken yesterday afternoon, just before I went back home. Baby pun macam tau2 je Mama dia nak balik, time tu jugak he's crying nak susu. Sedihnya bila nanti I balik there's no more my milk for him. I'm going back to BTP to send the kiddos there. So today morning baru meh Ampang balik to breastfeed him. Last night tuhan aje yang tau camana sakitnya when you know the baby need your milk but he's not around. Everytime he wants it, I knew and feel. Sorry sayang...I have to....this morning I dah bagi sus kat dia again and while I post this entry, I'm waiting a call from nursery whenever he cry nak susu I'll b there for him.

So about this pics, ni gamba2 masa they all dh tambah another light to baby. Atas tu light yg mcm biasa plus another one dia mcm bedung to his body so the light will cover bwh badan dia. Hope cara ni dpt cepatkan dia kurang kuning in his blood...Aminnn
Mama cium sket before Mama balik ye... esok Mama dtg ye...

Sleep well sayang...Gonna miss u a lot....

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