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Twin's birthday  

Monday, August 11, 2008

Today is NA's twin's bday....So we arrived to her place at about 1.30pm...Dh ramai guests yg dtg...kiddos pon dh excited to have fun....there's a lot of people and presents to give away....
we bring along the prize for twins but taking back more presents...from the lucky draw..hehe

Here is the present for twins and Kakak

The stage with lil dancers

The cakes
Syamil at the playground provided
Syamil in action

Abbas kena make-up...nk hadiah nye pasal sanggup apa saja..
Hasil make-up from 'blind' make-up artist
With the host...
Kiddos with the present utk di bawa balik....
Dah mlm sgt...sampai kt umah from BTP td pon dh lambat....lets pics tell the story...entry lain will continue esok la...sgt berat sudah mataku ini...enjoy the pics okehsss

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