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Kakak's Birthday Bash  

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On Sunday we have a birthday 'party' to Kakak...anak Ablong. Pagi tu we all bergotong royong masak la. As Kak Ain nk mkn nasi tomato then she lead the cooking session... but tak sempat nak take the pics before we eat due to lapar sgt dh time tu hehe. Busu balik bercuti from Dhaka so she joined us and also Tam with family as well. After eating then the cake cutting session...Actually Ablong beli kek for those yg celebrate bday on August. So penuh la nama2 kt atas cake tu...this month selain Kakak, Ammar (my BIL), Abbas, Abg and also Syamil nye bday gak. Kira celebrate all in one la...

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