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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Skang nih mok (my grandma) kena minor strok... mulut dh a bit senget and cakap pon x leh nk faham sangat. tangan dia pon x kuat sgt so mkn pon kena suap la...this happened after dia kena high blood that day... korang tolong la doa2kan skali utk dia yek... Semlm mok dh gi urut (for saraf) and my uncle said that she's getting better after that...but still kena gi follow up with pakar saraf....

As at now, her condition not so bad...papa n mama will be back to my hometown on Monday as papa got few kursus utk dihabiskan sampai Sunday... for me, Abbas will be having a test utk skolah rendahnye next yr on this we all x leh balik lagi la...just papa as wakil first....hopefully everything goes well

Mok, harap cepat sembuh....aminnnn

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