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Welcome Brand New of The Family  

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pagi tadi time sahur, tetiba Yati wanna talk to me from her house. Ingatkan pasal apa...rupanya dia dah start sakit2...I asked her to go straight to hospital even dia mcm tak sure je on timing sakit tu. But mendengar dek suaranya pon dh tau she's really in pain, insist her just go to hospital la...anything senang.

Then at 7.45am she delivered a very brand new baby boy in the family. Cepat gak la...alhamdulillah suma selamat.... oooo...its same day with my younger bro Syauqi's bday...share la korang the sanme date ye...i hope this time i pun senang la nak deliver. Biasa for Syahmi and Syamil i need to wait for 12 hours baru leh deliver uwaaaaa....

That afternoon I went to hospital with family, Papa n Fizah. So cute la the baby. mana tak cute kan....Let the photos prove it...

Wajah ceria new mummy
Close up...montoknyeeee
I dgn anak sedara baru...Amir Ashraf
Papa with his latest grandson

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