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6th Month Scanning  

Monday, September 1, 2008

On Saturday I went to GIMC for my 6th month check up....when I called the clinic, adik recept tu dah bgtau org mmg ramai. Clinic plak dah open since 8am and Dr normally ada kat clinic by that time gak. So I and Abg agreed nak gi cepat la so that tak payah ngantuk tunggu kan. I reached clinic at 7.45 am. Clinic pun tak bukak lagi...After 5 minutes, adik recept tu dah mai and I wait inside la...First time gi sana so tak terpikir nak ngambik gambo...Ok la my weight naik tak banyak's 6 kilos from my normal weight...takut gak naik byk coz mkn byk la skang i...
Bila jumpa Dr, one thing yang agak takut is nak kena amik darah....i ni mmg phobia ngan jarum2 nih...but terpaksa kan...alhamdulillah baby suma just Dr changed my obimin with primalet coz obimin caused the baby become very see you again in one month time Dr...

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