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First Day of Ramadhan  

Monday, September 1, 2008

First of all, Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Mubarak to all Muslim. Hope this year will be better than last year....for me, since this year I had a chance to pose penuh, so hopefully i can fulfill the month with a good activities....harap2 dapat la khatam quran this year. Previous years asyik tak lepas jek.

So for this year I asked Abbas to fast as he started to learn since last year. So i think there's not much problem with him. Yang jadi problem nye is to ajar Syahmi on fasting thingy. Ok, he's only 4 years...Abbas pun started when he was 5. But tak salah nak try kan. So pagi tadi time sahur, oleh kerana today is a holiday so we all bangun a bit late at 5. Kejut Abbas is not a problem. When it came to Syahmi, masyaallah....Abg need to dukung dia sampai dapur. Then i need to feed him...ok la coz nak ajar kan...pastu siap nak susu bagai. My worried is on his milk...kalau mkn he's the type yang tak kuat mkn so he can tahan on that la. But not for his milk....

As per expected, pagi2 bangun Syahmi dah merengek2 nak susu. I bodek dia asked him to take shower first then layan main kejap. At 10 tu dia dah tak tahan. Ni dah sampai tahap melalak dah nak susu. So, at last dia and Syamil pun gi la minum sus with condition kat dapur la coz kesian Abbas pose kan.

Hope esok will be better for Syahmi and hope that Abbas can make it for the whole month since kat skolah diorg pun will control psl pose ni. They will feed kiddos yang tak puasa in one room which seperated la from those yang puasa. Syahmi kalau dapat tahan until balik skolah pun dah much2 better dah...hehe

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