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Should Or Should Not???  

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Since I got married, i ada maid only after we have 3 kids and satu lagi pasal nk move in to AS. Before that we just sent them to babysitter's house je. But since dah ada maid, memula tu rasa cam senang la but one after another maid in 2 years time ni byk plak halnya, i dh rasa cam kureng sket nak ada maid.

In one way tu mmg senang but musti punya kepala tu agak serabut even sikit. Ntah la, last year
(2008 actually) after delivered to Adib, i got my maid named Ani. She's ok and i lega sangat coz got her during my confinement. Meaning nnt i dh keje dah ada org nak jaga kiddos. But Ani keje with us not even for 1 year with reason her mother passed away so takde org nak jaga anak2 dia. Its quite big impact to us especially Adib coz he really close with Ani. Susah dia nak kat org lain but lelama dia kat nursery tu dh okay and with other people jugak la.

After Ani left, lama gak we all nak dpt new maid apalagi byk kes Indonesia tak bagi their people keje sini bla bla bla. So, after raya we managed to get this maid named Ati. But with Ati's around, i think kepala i bertambah beban lagi ada. Dalam erti kata lain, dia tak boleh buat keje. So with only a week dia keje i hantar balik to agent. Mmg masa tu sakitnya hati...

Last weekend we just got the new maid. So far this maid ok but skang ni i always got the feeling that every maid yg keje won't stay for a long time...tu pasal la kot my heart cam tak comfortable sangat but nak buat suma sendiri tak mampu la kot especially now Abg dah join a new dept and ada time2 dia kena outstation...uhhhh...hope apa yang kami dapat skang is the best for now... still hoping.... hehe

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