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Cute Little Newborn  

Monday, December 29, 2008

On Thursday, after jalan2 gi one Utama, we went to visit one of our close friend yang baru tak baru gak la deliver. hehe...i kan ala2 dalam pantang lagi tapi ada hati gi melawat orang tu. Ufa delivered her cute daughter Emma on 10 Dec ari tu. Sian Emma, dia kena jaundice ari tu. Then dah discharged but after few days kat umah, jaundice dia datang balik. They setup the phototherapy kat umah. Sian sangat tengok....oh ya..kat atas tu is the picture of the baby. Tak cerah sangat coz amik pon guna my phone camera jek plus the light oso macam malap gitu.

Pagi Friday tu they went to dr to do the blood test again, after 3 days Emma went through for home phototherapy. Dr said the level jaundice dia dah turun but Dr ask them to monitor la. And on Saturday morning 3 of them balik kampung. Ufa, hope baby Emma cepat sihat. You too take care and do the massage ok.

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